The KMUTT's School of Architecture and Design was established in 1994, to provide a complete program of studies in English language. The integrated and interdependent study program supports the concept of art and man, science as discovery, which together leads to use and development of appropriate technologies to meet the challenges of a dynamic 21st century global society. The program is designed to meet the needs of changing society in Thailand. Graduates will also be prepared to study and work internationally. The current three bachelor degree programs are Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design (Communication Design in 2003). The school aim to educate |and train students to obtain a broader vision in the protections of architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial design. And also to promote research and the development of applied technologies in art and design disciplines. The school also focuses on rendering technical services of design, consultation, advisory management and training to serve government departments and related private sectors.

In 2002, the school’s name was changed from “School of Architecture” to “School of Architecture and Design” (SoA+D) to reflect the school’s mission and welcome our new program, Communication Design.