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Room Reservation
Home English Center

1. Check schedule of room reservation M08, M floor.
2. Take the form in front of the Dean’s office
3. Submit the complete form to Khun Yaowarate (Yao) at SoA+D Dean’s Office and
call 02-470-7885 for confirmation. (The office does not accept reservation through phone call without reservation form.)

  • For Gallery, July Hall, Lecture Room and Studios, please submit the form 5 days before the date of reservation. 

*** Please check the schedule after submitting the form to Khun Yaowarate (Yao) or call 02-470-7885 within 3 working days.***

4. If you need any additional equipment, please directly inform Khun Niran (Jeab) or Khun Chanun (Boo) or call 02-470-7876.
5. Please clear the room after you finish the class/activity.
6. Please keep the room clean and the equipment intact in the room.
7. In case of changing or canceling reservation, please inform Khun Yao at least 2 days before the date of reservation so that the office can rearrange schedule or others can use the room.