Inquiry in architecture, art and design covers the full spectrum of academic research activities. At one pole, it includes research in the science tradition, with its emphasis on the explanation of observed phenomena. At the other, it involves inquiry from the humanities perspective, with its emphasis on the interpretation of human experience. In between, are various more pragmatic approaches that focus on application or the development of creative practices.

   At SOA+D our researchers work across these various definitions. We carry out scientific, applied, social and cultural inquiry. We work with local communities to aid socio-­â€economic development and to preserve cultural heritage. We encourage innovative cross, inter and multi-­â€disciplinary research projects that make a difference.

   We are committed to the development of high quality research that will contribute to social and cultural development.

    To encourage and support the development of a productive, dynamic and inclusive research culture at SOA+D

•To increase the number of research active facultyat SOA+D;
•To increase the number of publications/equivalents by SOA+D faculty;
•To increase the amount of research funding flowing into SOA+D;
•And, through the above, to increase the visibility and prestige of SOA+D for actual and potential partners/collaborators.