To produce graduates with well-grounded knowledge in design, having the capability of blending art and technology together, environment concerns, and competence in the language for global communication, and international recognition.


  • Glocal Innovation Leader : Global Aspiration, Local Inspiration


  • To educate and train both undergraduate and graduate students in architecture and design.
  • To promote research and development of applied technologies in various architecture and design principles.
  • To render professional services : design, management and training to serve both public and private sectors.


Public Awareness
Salient Strengths of School of Architecture and Design

  • SoA+D is committed to provide students strong moral, ethical and spiritual foundation in the light of design for all humanity.

Identity of the School of Architecture and Design
Two important elements of the School of Architecture and Design are

  • Uniqueness:
    The process of creative thinking and design through integration of technology and environmental awareness, and the ability to work at the international level
  • Quality of Graduates:
    Excellent in design integrating science, technology and environment