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Computer Lab
Home About Facility on Campus Computer Lab

The SoAD has provided computer facilities and networking to serve all SoAD's members. There are 3 computer labs available for students. The labs provide computer (PC and Mac) for word processing, spreadsheet, authoring tools, and general or specific graphic applications.

In addition all computers provide access to Local Area Network (LAN) resources, Internet connection, and also printing and scanning services. There are a number of wiring network ports and also wireless network through out the building.

PC Lab
This room contains 32 high performance computers(PC). Any courses related to computer class normally use this room. Students can access the lab during the working hours unless there is a class.

Mac Lab
This room contains 10 G5 Macintoshs and 35 iMacs. The purpose is mainly for the class of graphic and media related.

Printing Lab
There are 30 computers(PC) and various special computer resources such as network printers, color and laser printers, sticker cutting machine, and large-scale printers

  • Printing
    Network printers (shared printers) are provided for schoolwork only. All printing tasks will be automatically recorded and counted by the system up to the quota given for each year. Students need to pay for printed-outs that exceeded the quota.

    The network printers are shown in the printer list of each computer. The printer name is labeled at the printer machine; user must specify the printer name before printing.

    These are network printers available as follows: four A4 color Ink printers, two A3 size B/W laser printers, six A3 color Ink printers.

    Large Scale printing is provided at the printing shop, located at the 1st floor of SoAD building. Students can contact the shop at acceptable prices

  • Scanning
    Students have full access to use any computers that are connected to a scanner. There are 4 flatbed scanners with the feature of positive and negative film scanning available. It is students' responsibility to back up picture data from the PC connected to a scanner, by burning them onto a CD,DVD, or other memory medias.

  • Service time
    Labs open from 08:30am–16.30pm of working days.