SoAD Newsletter Opinion Column: The opinion column is a special space to publish any feedback from alumni who have wonderful thoughts about their school, School of Architecture and Design. The written answers to the questions below are based on the personal views of Mr. Terdpong Boonpan (Architecture Program) and Mr. Withit Korprasertsri (Communication Design Program). Therefore any opinions coming from them are considered significant to our school.

What makes SoAD different from other schools?

Teachers. It is not only the knowledge of architecture that we have gotten but we also have conversation on other topics such as family, love, help, etc. It made me think that I had another family at SoAD.

Thinking-based approach. From year one to the last year, this approach has motivated us to see that architecture is not only architecture per se but it has taught us to integrate it with the other issues and it could make us go across the box for a new thing.

What makes you proud of SoAD?

I got a lot of experiences during my studies here. It made me grow stronger, and proud in everything which I tried to succeed. It taught me to perceive the worth of attempts and if we still keep trying we will get everything we hope for. Another important thing is that there are many of those (still at SoAD) whom I wanted to say "hello" and to wait seeing them again. I love you SoAD!

from Mr. Terdpong Boonpan

What makes you proud of SoAD in terms of education and opportunity for job (local and international)?

Teachers and the way Communication Design program is taught.It has a very significant impact on the quality of students. As one of the graduates, I feel that the teachers really give us opportunity and freedom to explore any topics of our interests, conceptually and practically, depending on the way we work and see things. One of our strongest points seems to be the very start of designing process: conceptual and developmental, which I personally think that it's very important since it makes a strong ground before development of final outcome. This gradually increases the awareness of designing process and its value.

The environment here is also nice and relaxing. It has a sense of independence in terms of playing and exploring with new ideas around the site. This is a good point being situated away from urban areas.

Education and opportunity for work.Since opportunity in the market in terms of conceptual design in Thailand is very narrow, or not being emphasized at all compared to those commercial ones, I could still use what I have learned even with new working processes to fit into ordinary work. But it's also our job to seed the value of design into the existing attitudes towards designs. One day, the seeds will grow and the people will turn back and become more aware about the value of design.

from Mr. Withit Korprasertsri